Robyn Schwarz

Fund Development, Advocacy, and Communications Lead 

Background: Robyn joined the Porchlight team in the fall of 2021, bringing with her over a decade of experience as a writer, educator, and researcher in non-profit and academic settings. Robyn has a strong background in diversity, equity, and inclusion work and strives to build this lens into all our communications and fundraising. A self-described 'jill of all trades,' she holds a certificate in Non-Profit Management from Simon Fraser University, a Masters in Canadian-American Relations from Western University, and is working to complete her PhD in Canadian History (currently on hiatus). 

Personal Philosophy: As a feminist writer and activist, I work to build inclusive and brave learning spaces where everyone can show up and learn to support each other. I believe non-profit communications professionals need to do more to engage with the communities we serve. I advocate daily for the world I know we can all build if we choose to be bold, and am deeply passionate about Reproductive Justice work. Influenced by my graduate degrees in Canadian history, I am a big picture thinker who likes to use my education to drive systematic change. The community has the answers, we just have to find them.